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Artteas was born out of our passion for tea and the desire to share our knowledge of tea culture and bring some of the world’s finest teas to your cup.


We are a family business exclusively dedicated to the promotion of tea culture: the art of tea. Our venues are places of discovery and cultural enrichment, rich in tea and culturally diverse, just like the world of tea.


All our teas have been carefully selected to include the finest there is out there. We thrive to provide a large selection and variety of teas from the main tea producing countries, but our emphasis is on tea traditions in the host country where the teahouses are located. We spend time and effort to seek, explore and discover the best of the premium teas and herbals which we bring to you for your enjoyment. A wide range of tea wares and tea utensils is also available at artteas so that you can take home and bring out the best of your tea experience.

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