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Glassware is recommended for non-fermented and lightly fermented teas, such as white and green teas. These teas taste at their best when brewed in lower water temperatures and thus glass makes a perfect choice since glass quickly dissipates heat.

Glassware is also recommended for brewing blooming teas so that one can enjoy the beauty of watching the teas blossom.

Japanese cast iron teapots, also known as tetsubin, are an ideal way to brew tea, since the cast iron distributes the heat evenly inside the pot to better extract the flavors and benefits of the tea. Cast iron teapots will keep your tea hot for about an hour. All our tetsubin's are handmade in Japan of solid cast iron and are fully enameled inside. 

Chinese Blue and White or polychrome porcelain is known for being strong yet delicate and it is often nicely decorated with scenes from Chinese landscapes or floral motifs. All our Blue and White porcelain pieces are sourced from well-reputed studios and artists in China. Most of them are produced in limited editions only. 

We have a wide variety of Chinese and Japanese ceramic wares, many of which are created by skilled and famous artists. Ceramics are well suited for black and red teas and their texture and fabric contribute to enhancing the taste and aroma of the brewed teas.

The yixing clay teapot is made of special zisha red clay containing various minerals and found only in the city of Yixing in the Jiangsu province of China. Known for their hardness and high heat resistance, their porous quality allows the pot to be seasoned to a particular type of tea. After repeated uses the yixing teapot begins to absorb tea into its walls and retains the rich flavors of the tea. For this reason, each yixing teapot should only be dedicated to one type of tea. 

Japanese wares are exquisite works of art that reflect Japanese aesthetic norms and Zen philosophy. We have a wide variety of Japanese tea pots and bowls for the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Tea trays and tools are equipment used in the preparation of the tea ceremony. They are also essential to handle and serve high quality teas in order to ensure the purest most elegant and aesthetically appealing tea serving experience. 

Tea is very vulnerable to air, light, odor, heat and moisture. When tea is excessively exposed to these elements, it will gradually lose flavor and become stale. Tea canisters ensure the proper storage of tea thus guaranteeing its shelf-life, making sure its quality, freshness and flavors are preserved for a long time.

All our tea canisters are sourced from Japan.

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