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Artisanal Organic Pu-erh Cake 100g (Raw)

Artisanal Organic Pu-erh Cake 100g (Raw)

SKU: AT3-100
100 Grams

Artisanal Organic Pu-erh originates from the beautiful Snow Mountains of Yunnan, at an altitude of 2,300m. This is a special tea which is produced from large leaves and stems of wild trees without any artificial component and using only traditional methods. Only 400kg of this tea are produced annually, out of which a limited supply is available to artteas. The tea yields a golden yellowish infusion with a mellow and sweet aftertaste and refreshing effects on the body.

  • Brewing recommendations

    First brew: 1.5min., second brew: 1min., third brew: 1.5min. Brewing temperature: 100°C

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