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Feng Huang Dan Cong - Duck's Gift

Feng Huang Dan Cong - Duck's Gift

50 Grams

This tea is also known as Duck's Dung Dan Cong because, according to local lore, when it was first produced, it became so popular that the manufacturer decided to give it an un-appealing name hoping to deter imitators. Nevertheless, the tea was so exquisite that people did not seem to mind its name and it was soon cloned and grafted in many other areas; it was then re-named as Black Leaf Dan Cong.                                               This tea poduces a sweet and fragrant brew and is known for its relaxing and digestive properties; it also helps in releasing body heat.

  • Brewing recommendations

    Use 30-35% tea amount to teapot ratio.  You can get up to 4 infusions at a water temperature of 95°C with the following recommended brewing times: 1st brew: 1min.; 2nd brew: 50sec.; 3rd brew: 1.5min.

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