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Mini Orange Pu-erh (cooked)

Mini Orange Pu-erh (cooked)

50 Grams

This is a matured fermented tea from Yunnan Province, in South-West China. Compressed and stuffed into a special type of small Chinese oranges, fully sun-dried and produced from 15 year old orange trees. This Pu-erh has a slightly earthy taste combined with the flavour of its orange container and, like most Pu-erh teas, its quality and taste improves with age.

Pu-erh teas are reputed for their medicinal properties; research has confirmed that they help lower cholesterol and aid digestion. Other credited health benefits include prevention of heart disease and cancer, diabetic control, cleansing of toxins, anti-ageing properties, aiding in weight loss and improving blood circulation.

  • Brewing recommendations

    Use 15-20% tea amount to teapot ratio. You can make 6-7 infusions at a water temperature of 100°C with the following recommended brewing times: 1st brew:1.5 min.; 2nd brew:1 min. and 3rd brew: 1.5 min.

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