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What We Do



We work with the hospitality industry to develop wellness concepts and spaces centered on the theme of tea. We bring together the elements of culture, tea and wellness to realize a rich and fulfilling tea-experience based on research, curatorial design, interpretive story telling, scenography, as well as physical and spiritual well-being.



Our teas are beautifully crafted and have medicinal and mood enhancing properties. We have our own range of teas and herbals to cater for the needs of the yoga and mediation practitioners, or to treat day to day common ailments, lift the spirit and create transporting experiences to match the setting of a beautifully designed tea-space.



Our teas are sourced from the best gardens in Indonesia and the main producing tea countries. Some of them originate in small family tea-plantations, they are only produced in limited quantities which makes them rare and much sought after items among tea connoisseurs. 

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